New Green Infrastructure Legislation introduced in Congress

Thanks to Representative Donna Edwards, and co-sponsors Russ Carnahan and Steve Driehaus, a groundbreaking new piece of legislation was introduced December 3rd that would significantly help advance green infrastructure throughout the country. 

The Green Infrastructure for Clean Water Act of 2009, if it makes it into law, would create up to five green infrastructure centers of excellence across the country. These centers would be tasked with researching Green Infrastructure techniques, how they can be improved, how they can be modified and used for that center’s particular geographic area. These centers would also provide training and technical assistance for implementing green infrastructure best management practices.

The bill also provides grants and incentive funding to help municipalities build green infrastructure projects, and would have the U.S. EPA incorporate green infrastructure into its water enforcement and permitting programs.

American Rivers worked with NRDC, the National Association of Clean Water Agencies, the Low Impact Development Center, and the Association of State and Interstate Water Pollution Control Administrators to bring these issues to Rep. Edwards. We are excited that she has taken Green Infrastructure to heart and has written and introduced this bill to the House. Hopefully support will build fast.