New Bipartisan Report Endorses Blue Trails

Several months ago we blogged about a report released by the Outdoor Resources Review Group that supports American Rivers’ vision of creating a nationwide system of blue trails.

Blue trails are the water equivalent to hiking trails. They link together communities and provide families opportunities to have fun outside, not to mention invaluable services like clean drinking water, natural flood protection, and wildlife habitat.

Check out the blue trails we are working on in the Southeast on the Congaree, Wateree, and Waccamaw rivers.

Resources For the Future recently released a follow up to this report – The State of the Great Outdoors: America’s Parks, Public Lands, and Recreation Resources (PDF).

This report assesses historical trends in how outdoor resources are managed and used and evaluates success stories. It also looks ahead and examines how emerging trends will shape the use of outdoor resources in the future.

American Rivers is working to make sure blue trails are a major shaper of how we use our outdoor resources now and for years to come.