More Snow from the Ski Industry

Aspen SkiCo is just snowing youDon’t get snowed. The ski industry is continuing to push the bill that is bad for your rivers and could roll back environmental protections.

Aspen’s at it again.  This time, they are promoting themselves in a video claiming that they are actively lobbying for solutions to the climate crisis.  They even made a trip all the way to Washington DC.

I don’t doubt Aspen’s desire to keep snow on the slopes, and the fight against climate change needs all the promotion it can get. But I wonder what else Aspen reps talked about when they were lobbying on Capitol Hill?  Do you think they might have brought up S. 1630, the so-called “Water Rights Protection Act” that they have been pushing?

H.R. 3189 passed the House, but only after one of the original sponsors of the bill, Rep. Jared Polis, withdrew his support.  Why did he withdraw his support?  Because it was, in his words, a “job-killing water grab” that would have choked off America’s rivers.

Aspen’s bill, S. 1630, is another terrible piece of legislation, just like the House version. And while Aspen is posing for pictures claiming to fight climate change, it is actively lobbying to push legislation to turn over your rivers to big corporations. One of Aspen’s allies in this fight is the Colorado Petroleum Association.  Now I wonder, what do you think the Colorado Petroleum Association’s interest could be in legislation to prevent federal protections for rivers?  Maybe…hydrofracking in Colorado?

If Aspen is so concerned about climate change, isn’t it strange that partnering on this bill with leading members of the coalition that defeated climate change legislation back in 2010 [the American Farm Bureau Federation, and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association]?

Aspen has put out a bunch of words and flashy videos about their commitment to the environment.  But when it comes to your rivers, their actions tell a different story. That’s why we need you to take action today. Contact your Senator and ask them to stand up against the latest attack on our rivers the job-killing water grab that is S. 1630.

3 Responses to “More Snow from the Ski Industry”

Henry Meguess

Protection of rivers and lakes are fine and necessary but when you invade a persons land wanting to claim all ponds and lakes on that land EPA needs to be stopped.No one voted for the people in the EPA regulations should all go to congress to be voted on and the people given a chance to have their say

    Jeff Wiedner

    Thanks for your comment and the opportunity to talk more about the proposed Clean Water rule and ways to make your voice heard. The proposed rule is available right now for public review and we encourage everyone to submit comments.

    The proposed Clean Water Rule is an effort to clarify protections for small streams and wetlands that are currently in question following two Supreme Court cases. There are no substantive changes to protections for traditionally navigable waters, interstate waters, the territorial seas, and impoundments of “waters of the United States” – which would likely include many lakes – under the proposed rule. In fact, the proposed rule does not fully return to historical levels of coverage under the Clean Water Act. The proposed rule re-affirms exemptions for certain features, including artificial lakes or ponds created by excavating or diking dry land used for activities such as irrigation and waste treatment ponds, that were exempted in practice but never codified.

    You can read more about how the Clean Water Act protects people’s rights and property in a recent op-ed from former U.S. Representative Sherwood Boehlert (R-NY) here.

Julia Anderson

S 1630 is bad for our rivers and has nothing to do with Water Rights Protection. Do not vote for S1630 and further threaten our precious water!!