National River Cleanup® Top Ten List of 2012

Gilbert BNR Cleanup 2012

Gilbert Buffalo National River Cleanup, AR | Laura Timby

  1. 400+ River cleanups
  2. 3,500,000 Pounds of trash
  3. 92,500 Volunteers
  4. 39,000 Miles of river cleaned
  5. 20,000 Service hours planning cleanups and volunteering out on rivers across the country
  6. 44 States participated in National River Cleanup
  7. California registered the most river cleanups this year, New York and New Jersey were trailing close behind
  8. Organizers: Sarah Menchise the organizer of Hackensack Riverkeeper’s Mill Creek Marsh Cleanup, “‘We are winning’ – One of our seasoned volunteers told me the difference our cleanups have made compared to when they first came to the site is amazing!  We are making progress in our fight for clean water!”
  9. Volunteers: Crystal Comolli a veteran volunteer of the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. Winooski River Cleanup said the best part about the annual cleanup is “Friends, food, fun, canoes, water, and nature.  Nothing could be better than knowing I made a difference and had a great experience and memories to share!”
  10. Noteworthy pieces of trash included a candy machine, bathtub, Barbie jeep, unopened package of hot dogs (yum!), bowling pins, $50 parking ticket and a “No Dumping” sign…

Perhaps you guessed, this list is ranked in no particular order.  In the spirit of year-end countdowns, the 2012 results were calculated – and it has been a remarkable year.  With more cleanups than ever before, the number of volunteers picking up trash out on our nation’s river has gained momentum each year.  Through the dedication of organizers’ planning annual cleanups and spreading the message of how important clean water is to the health of our communities, I suspect our numbers will grow larger in 2013.

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Check out this cool video by Jef Spencer and courtesy of Stacy Springer, the Volunteer Manger from American River Parkway Foundation in California: