National River Cleanup Photo Contest 2013: Vote Today!

2012 National River Cleanup photo contest winner | © Alan Hale

2012 National River Cleanup photo contest winner Alan Hale

I am happy to announce the top-ten finalists for the 2013 National River Cleanup photo contest. All year long we have been collecting your river cleanup photos and now we’ve picked our top ten; the rest is up to you!

Click here to vote for your favorite National River Cleanup photo of 2013!

Voting will remain open until Friday January 24th. Share this link with your friends and see whose favorite photo will be awarded the winning title! We’ll be posting all of the finalists on Facebook over the next two weeks. If you follow American Rivers on Facebook you can “like” and share your favorite photo with your friends!

How will you decide which photo deserves your vote? Will it be the smiling faces, the giant piles of trash and tires, or the strangest piece of trash pulled from the river?

Check back on the River Blog on January 27th to see the winning photo announced! This year’s winning photo will be used to help promote National River Cleanup on our website, in publications, and on social media in 2014!

Shake off the frost from the sub-zero Polar Vortex temperatures by looking back on some warmer days-Vote today!