National River Cleanup in Review

As the only volunteer based program within American Rivers, National River Cleanup™ is making change happen one cleanup at a time. With more than 3,660,000 miles of rivers in America, almost everyone lives within a mile of a river or a stream. Unfortunately, each year, millions of tons of trash end up in our nation’s rivers. American River’s National River Cleanup is assisting dedicated volunteers as they keep rivers trash-free.

In the past year, National River Cleanup reached 60,000 volunteers through 322 cleanup locations. These volunteers spent their time on 5,000 river miles removing 2 million pounds of trash.  People of all ages who have participated in a cleanup are often exposed for the first time to the trash plaguing their local river. It can be an emotional moment for anyone who sees the remnants of items they use in their daily lives. This experience often leads to greater stewardship of the river and better practices for waste at home and in the work place.

American Rivers’ National River Cleanup is creating life long stewards of rivers across the nation. It is opening the eyes of citizens who have never thought twice about where their waste ends up or the importance of their river. It is connecting people to rivers and showing them the value in having clean trash-free water.  Here is what some of our National River Cleanup organizers had to say:

“The best part of the cleanup was seeing the kids get a true appreciation for the trash in our waterways.” Elizabeth, Hatch Run Cleanup 2010, PA

“It was an eye-opener for them [participating families] to see how careless some residents and visitors are with their trash around the river.” Bill, News West Colorado River Cleanup, CO

“Because of the good press we received in advance of the cleanup, we had a number of “newbies” on the creek this time. One joined our group and another asked that we invite him to all future events.” Sandra, Opequon Creek, WV

The network of National River Cleanup organizers is growing and they depend on American Rivers for tips on hosting a successful cleanup. Are you interested in helping to clean up our nation’s rivers? Register today to become a National River Cleanup organizer.