National Fracking Call Day

no fracking in my waterGrassroots groups across the country are asking everyone to call President Obama today to tell him your concerns about natural gas development using fracking technology.  Local activists fighting to protect their own water supplies will be asking President Obama to stand up for their right to clean water. 

As you know, American Rivers has highlighted our concerns about fracking in the last two lists of America’s Most Endangered Rivers™State and federal governments have not done enough to protect people from the potentially harmful impacts of natural gas development. This summary discusses pending state legislation that demonstrates some of the many loopholes and deficiencies in current state regulations governing natural gas extraction. The voices of the people across the country on this issue are essential to bring about positive change. 

Are you ready to tell the President what you think?

Join the National Call Day to President Obama on September 13th! We need your help to call President Obama and tell him how important clean water is to you and your family.  Let him know your concerns about fracking, and tell him that ensuring clean water for all Americans should be a priority.

Here are the details of the call day:

  • Call the White House TODAY at 202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414 between 9 am and 5 pm EDT
  • Say, “Hello my name is ______. I live in (City, State).  I am concerned about the potential impact that hydraulic fracturing could have on my clean water.  I urge you to promote sustainable energy policy solutions that are based on true renewable resources.”
  • Feel free to explain why you are concerned about natural gas development.  Examples might include:
    • “I am worried that my water [or the water for people living in shale gas regions] could become contaminated from cracked well casings or a spill or explosion at a natural gas drilling site.”
    • “I have seen the recent flooding in the northeast, and I am concerned about the impact that drilling in a floodplain could cause on the water supply.”
    • “I am concerned that once all of the drilling for natural gas is completed, my community will be left with contaminated water and broken roads.”
    • “It concerns me that no one is looking at what will happen to natural gas wells decades down the road after they have been abandoned.”
    • “I am worried that no one has examined the cumulative impact of natural gas development on air and water supplies across the country.”
    • Or even better, tell your own story.
  • If the phone lines get jammed, send an email through the White House Contact page here.

Thank you for telling the President about your concerns regarding natural gas development!  If you call him, please let us know how it went below.