Meadow Restoration Tools

Erosion in Indian Valley, CA

Erosion in Indian Valley, CA | Luke Hunt

Meadow restoration is an important part of American Rivers’ work to safeguard California’s clean water at the headwaters, in the Sierra Nevada. 

During the last five years, American Rivers has collaborated with academic, agency, nonprofit and foundation partners to develop tools to improve our knowledge of meadows and accelerate the pace of restoration. Our publications include a method to rapidly assess and prioritize meadows for restoration, a model that predicts cattle performance and the resulting economic ramifications of restoration, as well as methods to evaluate and learn from restoration activities. 

Key sponsors of this work include: the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (See the Sierra Nevada Meadow Restoration Plan from NFWF [PDF]), Bella Vista Foundation, Sierra Nevada Conservancy and California Department of Water Resources.  Our partners include:  The USDA Forest Service, Stillwater Sciences, University of California Davis, EDF, and the CABY Integrated Regional Water Management Planning group. 

Numerous landowners, researchers, and restoration practitioners are using these tools.  If your organization is one of them, please let me know.  And for now, please send resulting data to