Making Progress Means Investing In Every Drop

Take Action to Protect the
Colorado River

Tell Congress to make a plan to restore the flows on the Colorado River!

Making progress means investing in every drop.

Kudos to the City of San Diego who seems to be ready to rise to the challenge of restoring balance to its water usage and the realities of an over stretched and dwindling supply.

The San Diego City Council approved new water purification plans intended to produce up to 40 percent of the city’s current water usage.
Public health officials and advocates also attributed the plans to an American Rivers ranking that placed the Colorado River at the top of its America’s Most Endangered Rivers® list.

“Last week the Colorado River was named the most endangered river in the county, yet this is the main source of our drinking water,” San Diego Coastkeeper’s waterkeeper and Water Reliability Coalition Co-Chair Jill Witkowski said in a press release. “It’s monumental for the city of San Diego to take this huge step toward producing our own safe drinking water to relieve our dependence on the Colorado.”

The purification plant could supply up to 88 million of the 200 million gallons of water that the city uses every day.  

This is precisely the reason we asked supporters and people who care about the Colorado River to tell Congress to follow the Bureau of Reclamation’s recent study on with bold action and robust and effective funding levels for the Bureau of Reclamation’s WaterSmart and Title XVI Water Reclamation and Reuse programs. These programs help cities like San Diego to pursue state-of the art water conservation, optimize existing water infrastructure, maximize available water supplies, and provide healthy river flows for communities and ecosystems.

Stay classy San Diego!!!