Make a difference this Earth Day – and all year long!

You are just one person. One person looking to make a difference. Where do you start?  What do you do? This week surrouding the 40th Earth Day, millions of people around the world will spend some time taking care of our planet.  American Rivers invites you to join thousands of our volunteers, across the country, who are making a difference.  They are cleaning up their local river or stream as part of the National River Cleanup.   It’s a great week to be part of a cleanup, but so are the other 51 weeks of the year! There are cleanups this week from the Earth Day Hudson River Cleanup in Albany, NY, to the Owyhee River Cleanup near Nyssa, OR. Find a cleanup to join near you.  And if there are no cleanups in your area, organize your own — we have the simple steps laid out for you to plan your own river or stream cleanup.

Removing tons of trash from our rivers is a perfect, tangible way to see and feel good about the work you’ve done.  It also makes all the difference to the wildlife that call it home and to the communities that depend on it for their drinking water.  Over 65% of our nation’s drinking water comes from rivers and streams!  

Once the day is over and the river is clean, you might consider making the changes necessary to keep it that way.  You can change your behavior by not littering, avoiding single use items, recycling and composting.  You can investigate other problems your local river is suffering from and join or donate to a local group or American Rivers to help be part of the solution to those problems.  You, as one person, can become part of a network of many, all working together to make a difference.