Let’s Have A Grand Ole’ Day on the River!

Take Action to Protect the
Grand River


Tell the Ohio legislature to institute strong protective standards for natural gas development!

You’ve guessed it river fans!  Today is Grand River Day!  Our #6 on the list of America’s Most Endangered Rivers®, the Grand River, is highlighted today due to the impacts of natural gas development on the watershed. 

This is a good video summary of what is happening in Ohio from our partner, Trent Dougherty with the Ohio Environmental Council: News-Herald.  We also had reporters out on the river capturing other video segments of the press gathering from NBC 3 and WKSU.

The legislature in Ohio has been buried in a flurry of bills related to natural gas development- some good, some not so good.  Our partners on the Grand River listing, Ohio Environmental Council and Buckeye Forest Council, have been working hard to stay on top of the action and try to ensure that important measures are being considered. 

This week the Editorial Board of the Cleveland Plain Dealer criticized SB 315, a bill recently passed by the Ohio Senate.  The Huffington Post also discussed some of the concerns that environmental groups have with the bill. 

Along with our partners, American Rivers would like to see the provisions of HB 474, the Injection Law Modernization bill, incorporated into SB 315.  This would increase protections for rivers and communities by requiring greater safeguards for monitoring, chemical injection, well siting, and wastewater disposal.  We would also like to see the fracking chemical disclosure requirements strengthened with full disclosure provisions before fracking is allowed to proceed at a well site. 

As always, the issue of natural gas development and regulation of this industry is a very complicated and contentious issue.  However, it will never be appropriate to concede to lower standards that do not protect the water supply for local residents.  Keep an eye on Ohio- things are moving very fast!


To lend your voice to this effort to protect the Grand River and tell the Ohio legislature to institute strong protective standards for natural gas development!