Keeping Water Safe is Another Challenge for Obama

Dr. Joan Rose, a member of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) here at American Rivers, recently published an op-ed (“Keeping water safe is another challenge for Obama”) that addresses the need to fix crumbling water infrastructure to protect our clean water supply.

American Rivers is working diligently to ensure that green infrastructure to protect clean water supply is a priority in the new Administration and Congress, and the support of our STAC members reinforces how important and necessary 21st century solutions are to the future of our communities.

Dr. Rose is an international expert in public health water microbiology and the relationship between water quality and human health. She has been involved in local, state, national and international investigations and strategies for the assessment and control of water pollution, addressing legislation such as the Clean Water Act.

She is active on water issues with a focus on water pollution, water and wastewater treatment, and public policy.