Keeping Georgia’s Flint River flowing helps native shoal bass

Fly fishing in Flint River, GA (photo by Chris Funk)

Fly fishing in Flint River, GA| Chris Funk

American Rivers’ work to keep Georgia’s Flint River free-flowing and to restore healthy flows in the Flint – especially to keep it from running dry in drought years – supports the preservation of this spectacular and rare shoal bass fishery.

Native shoal bass have become very popular with fly fishermen in the Flint and Chattahoochee rivers, especially in the upper Flint.  They’re a strong fish and they fight hard and long, and they rely on fast-moving water and shoal habitat.

Fortunately plenty of this habitat is still present in the upper Flint, since the proposals for large dams at Sprewell Bluff and elsewhere on the Flint were blocked in the 1970s.  Our ongoing work to protect these flows is critical to maintaining shoal bass in the Flint.

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