It’s Green River Day! Share Your Love For The Green!

Take Action to
Protect the Green River

Let Congress know you support the Clean Water Act!

Today is Green River Day!  It is time to speak up on behalf of the Green River, our #2 this year on the list of America’s Most Endangered Rivers®. Do you love canyons?  Rafting?  Fishing?  The Wild Wild West?  If you do, this river is for you.  But it will only be at its best if you stand up and fight for it! 

CALLING ALL UTAH RESIDENTS!  We especially need your help in letting Governor Herbert know how much you care about protecting this special river.  

Don’t live in Utah?  No problem!  Help us spread the word about this river with your friends on Facebook and Twitter (see sample tweets below).  Go to our Facebook page or comment below and tell us about your favorite thing about the Green River!  The more people talk about why they care about this river, the more decision-makers in Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming will pay attention.

What is happening on the Green?  Well, many different parties are interested in building a giant water pipeline from the Flaming Gorge Reservoir in Wyoming to Colorado’s Front Range.  This would drain massive amounts of valuable water from a system that already faces great water demands. 

Instead of approving this destructive pipeline, the Governors of Utah and Colorado should support smart water supply measures.  Things like conservation, reuse, efficiency upgrades, and cooperative agreements will go a long way towards addressing water supply needs in this basin.  For more information on this project, go here.

On Thursday of last week, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) denied an appeal for this project from Aaron Million, one of the parties interested in building this massive pipeline.  This was great news for us!  This is a good first step towards protection of the Green River.

However, other groups are interested in moving this project forward as well, so we need to tell the Governors that this project is not acceptable to the public.  They need to hear from their constituents that they care about the river!

So please help us protect the Green River today! 

  • @governorherbert: don’t divert water from Green River. Protect communities that rely on it #MER2012
  • Tell @governorherbert: Keep Green River water in UT! Oppose the Flaming Gorge Pipeline. #MER2012