Kids Can Make A Difference For Endangered Rivers

How can kids make a difference for our endangered rivers? | press4kids Last week, we released our annual America’s Most Endangered Rivers® report. My favorite interview was with press4kids, a daily news app for kids and schools. I was happy to get the call because I love any chance to get children excited about rivers… Read more »

You are now registered for the
Knoxville River Rescue!

Thank you for registering Did you know – 340 bags of trash weighing approximately 7,800 lbs and 21 tires were collected in 2013? We are excited to have you join us! River Rescue has been a great success in the past years. It wouldn’t work without wonderful volunteers like you. Directions to the clean-up location…

Knoxville River Rescue 2014

Did you know – The community-wide River Rescue event draws over 1,000 volunteers and cleans trash from more than 50 miles of the local TN waterways? Registration is now open! Keurig Green Mountain, Inc., Knoxville has partnered with Ijams Nature Center and American Rivers for the annual river cleanup event, River Rescue. This year marks…

Stand Up For Your Water With National River Cleanup

Show your support for clean water by volunteering at a National River Cleanup event | © Robyn Janssen, Rogue River Cleanup, OR I went to college in Western Pennsylvania within view of the stacks of one of the east coast’s most polluting coal-fired power plants. On your way in and out of town you would… Read more »

And The Photo Contest Winner Is…

2013 National River Cleanup photo contest winner: Susan Simonson photo from the Antietam Creek Rubbish Roundup in Maryland You voted, the results are in, and we have the winner of the 2013 National River Cleanup® photo contest! After two weeks of you sharing the voting page on Facebook, tweeting the link to your followers on… Read more »

National River Cleanup Photo Contest 2013: Vote Today!

2012 National River Cleanup photo contest winner Alan Hale I am happy to announce the top-ten finalists for the 2013 National River Cleanup photo contest. All year long we have been collecting your river cleanup photos and now we’ve picked our top ten; the rest is up to you! Click here to vote for your… Read more »

Thank You For Voting!

Thank You For Voting In The 2013 Photo Contest Be sure to vote once a day until January 24th! The winning photo will be featured on the National River Cleanup® homepage and used in other American Rivers publications throughout the year! Now that you’ve voted, share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter! I just… Read more »

National River Cleanup Photo

Voting has ended. Please check back on the River Blog next week to see the winner! Vote for your favorite photo in the 2013 National River Cleanup® Photo Contest This year we received over 200 photos! We’ve gone through them all and picked our favorite ten, but now need your help picking the winner! The…

Cleaning up the St. Johns River with Cox Conserves

Volunteers from three Cox companies came together to clean the St. Johns River | Cox Media Group Jacksonville On the morning of November 23rd 100 volunteers from Cox Conserves, Cox Media Group Jacksonville and Manheim Jacksonville gathered along the banks of the St. Johns River in Florida to kick off their inaugural river cleanup. This… Read more »

2014 National River Cleanup® Registration

Organize a Cleanup Organizing a river cleanup is a great way for your family, friends and neighbors to re-connect with local rivers and streams. You’ll be satisfied in knowing that you are playing a role in improving your hometown waters, as well as the water enjoyed by others downstream! The first steps to organizing a…