Dam Safety: Protecting Communities and Ecosystems from Dam Failure

Read the full report Introduction The safety of dams is often taken for granted until a high profile event reveals the associated risks. In the United States, the failures of Buffalo Creek Dam in 1970 and Teton Dam in 1976 resulted in dozens of deaths, hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage, and the… Read more »

Permitting Dam Removal: The State of (Several) States

Read the full report (PDF) Introduction Dam owners and communities are increasingly considering the option of removing dams that are unsafe, obsolete or simply causing more harm than good. But as more dam removal projects are proposed, many states are finding that the application of existing permitting processes can be unreasonably complicated, time consuming, and expensive… Read more »

An Illustrative Handbook on Nature-Like Fishways, Summarized Version

Read the full report (PDF)  Abstract Nature-like fishways are being constructed worldwide as a fish passage solution that enhances aquatic habitat as well as passes a large variety of fish species and life stages. The design philosophy for these fishways is ecologically minded, aiming to achieve a good fit with the specific riverine environment they… Read more »

Saving rivers — and having fun while we’re at it

There are scores of reasons to protect and restore rivers:  public health, clean drinking water, our shared responsibility to safeguard our natural heritage… the list goes on and on. The reason on my mind today is recreation. It’s summer – prime time for fishing, boating, and swimming in the great outdoors – and a good… Read more »

Trout Creek Open for Steelhead

Last month I blogged about the start of dam removal on Hemlock Dam and stream restoration on Trout Creek, a tributary to the Wind River in Washington .  This week, the exciting news is that the dam removal is complete, and the stream channel has been restored and resdesigned to emulate a natural and historic… Read more »