Hurricane Sandy update from Darby Creek, Pennsylvania

Some American Rivers staff were in the field earlier today, checking out a dam removal project site on Darby Creek, near Philadelphia, PA. Here are two videos from the site, amidst the early winds and rain from advancing Hurricane Sandy. American Rivers is working to remove four barriers in the creek and promote green infrastructure in nearby communities to restore habitat, reduce flooding, and improve clean water.

In the first video, I talk with the contractor about how they are preparing the dam removal site for the impact of Hurricane Sandy:

In the second video, I cover the project and describe how the creek is starting to rise:

American Rivers staff on the east coast will continue to send updates about how Hurricane Sandy is impacting local rivers and projects.

Safety is our foremost concern. Our staff know to stay clear of flooding rivers, and you should too. Follow FEMA’s tips on what to do before, during, and after a flood.