How Much Will You Save with A Green Roof? Check out Our New Green Roof Tool

People enjoying a green roofEver since my “ah-ha” moment when I realized that a roof that is not is not “green” is just a waste of space, I’ve been even more excited about our work at American Rivers to make more roofs green. From Milwaukee to Durham, we’re working to green our communities for cleaner rivers. 

In our recent report, Banking on Green, we explained the many benefits of using green roofs and other techniques like rain gardens and green streets to save money, reduce energy use and flooding, and keep people healthy and water clean.

Now, working with Goodby Silverstein &Partners we’ve just released Get More Green – an interactive tool that let’s you virtually “green” a roof in your own community to find out how much money you’ll save in heating and cooling costs as well as how much dirty water you’ll keep out of your local river!

I just “greened” my daughter’s elementary school and it shows an estimated annual savings of $21,000 from reduced heating, cooling and roof repair costs and keeping 460,000 gallons of polluted runoff out of our local creeks. Good thing the second graders have been working on their thousands in math…

So, check it out –

Green a roof in your neighborhood and then share it – how many roofs can we green?