Hope for Rivers

America has inaugurated our 44th president, Barack Obama. Our country faces a number of challenges, but it is hard not to be hopeful today.

American Rivers is working with the Obama Administration to transform the way our country manages water and rivers.

 We’ll keep you updated on our progress — whether it’s by making smarter investments in the nation’s water infrastructure, fighting global warming, or restoring key protections to the nation’s rivers and streams.

Bringing our management of clean water and rivers into the 21st century will create jobs, protect public health and safety, and improve national security. And of course, it will also safeguard the rivers, fish and wildlife that are such an important part of our environment, quality of life and our heritage as Americans.

American Rivers has the proven solutions to make it happen.

We are working with the Obama administration and members of Congress to create a green economic stimulus bill that creates millions of good jobs that can’t be moved offshore, moves us to a clean energy economy, and protects clean water and rivers.

As part of that effort, we will soon be joining with the Alliance for Water Efficiency to call attention to hundreds of water efficiency projects around the country that will create jobs and boost water supply.

 AWE estimates that total economic output per million dollars of investment in water efficiency programs is between $2.5 and $2.8 million. A direct investment of $10 billion in water efficiency programs can boost U.S. employment by 150,000 to 220,000 jobs.

This is just one example of how we can create jobs, boost the economy, safeguard our clean water supplies and protect our rivers.

While the challenges facing our country and our rivers are great, we’ve never had a better opportunity to make the changes we need for clean water and healthy rivers. On this historic day, we have many reasons to be hopeful.