Helping the River Run Free

For two decades, American Rivers has worked with our partners to remove the nearly 100-year-old, 125-foot Condit dam and restore the White Salmon River.

Now, an agreement has been reached to remove the dam later this year. This removal is a big step in allowing the White Salmon River to once again be home to abundant wild salmon and steelhead runs, restoring access to about 33 miles of habitat for steelhead and 14 miles of habitat for chinook.

As this interview on KATU shows, this hasn’t been an easy road and there are a lot of interests that need to be balanced on something this big. But in the end, rivers are meant to run free and a healthier river means healthier runs once we remove the dam.

Condit Dam will be one of the biggest dams ever removed. We’re excited that this historic removal will be one of a number of river restoration efforts across the country that are making 2011 the Year of the River.