Help Keep the Roanoke River Free of Uranium!

Uranium threatens the Roanoke River

Tell the Virginia legislature to Keep the Ban to keep uranium out of the Roanoke River.

Earlier this year, American Rivers listed the Roanoke River as one of America’s Most Endangered Rivers® because it was threatened with a uranium mine. Recently, the National Academy of Sciences released a study on the potential impacts of uranium mining in Virginia. Now, the fight is heading to the state legislature. Our partners, the Keep the Ban Coalition, are trying to save the Roanoke River and preserve the health of area residents. They ask you to show your support through signing their petition in the note below:

“Radioactive waste dump of the East?

Last year, American Rivers listed the Roanoke River in Virginia as #3 on its list of America’s Most Endangered Rivers®. The reason? A proposal to mine what is thought to be the largest undeveloped uranium deposit in North America, in a rural area north of Danville, Virginia. It would be the first uranium mine, mill, and waste site in the eastern United States.

For 30 years, Virginia has banned uranium mining, but now, Virginia Uranium, Inc. is bankrolling a major push in the General Assembly to lift the ban this year. It concedes only 0.06% of the deposit could be milled into “yellowcake” for fuel. The remaining 58 billion pounds of waste would have to managed in perpetuity.

We need your help today! Please sign a citizen petition by January 23 to KEEP THE BAN!

The Keep the Ban Coalition is close to getting 10,000 signatures from people all around Virginia, even some beyond, who want to keep the ban. In addition, dozens of localities in Virginia and North Carolina have adopted resolutions in support of the ban, and organizations ranging from the Virginia Farm Bureau, the state chapter of the NAACP, and the Garden Club of Virginia are urging a go-slow approach.

If the ban were lifted, huge volumes of radioactive and toxic waste would be disposed near farmlands and local waterways in Virginia. Drinking water, farmland, property values, wildlife, and tourism are at risk. Exposure to uranium waste has been linked to increases in leukemia, kidney disease, and other severe health problems.

Visit to learn more, and help put us over the top of our goal by signing the petition.

Please help Keep the Ban by signing this petition today! It is the smart move to maintain a healthy water supply in southern Virginia.