Healthy Rivers Make Colorado Healthy

Enjoying the Colorado River |  Pete McBride

Gov. John Hickenlooper has launched a state rebranding initiative, Making Colorado, to stimulate the state’s economy, streamline statewide programs, and reintroduce the state to the rest of the world. Through April 30, the initiative is seeking state residents’ input on what it is that makes Colorado, Colorado.

For many, the Colorado River is the lifeblood of the Colorado state economy. With world class rafting, fishing and national parks, the recreational opportunities offered to Colorado natives and visitors has helped define the state as a place to enjoy the great outdoors, breathtaking landscapes and free flowing rivers. The state is also home to small businesses, agricultural innovators and individuals who support water conservation as an economic opportunity for the state.

Take Action: Tell Gov. Hickenlooper that a healthy Colorado River makes a vibrant Colorado.

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Thank you for helping us support a healthy Colorado River and a vibrant Colorado.