Healthy Rivers and Vibrant Cities

green infrastructure stormwater management

Lenexa, KS used green infrasture stormwater management to improve water quality, while also creating new recreational opportunities | USEPAgov

Healthy rivers and vibrant cities go together – a Gallup poll reported that people who are more satisfied with their cities are those with access to clean and safe water. Like our work in Milwaukee, using rain gardens, green roofs and other approaches to treat and reuse water on-site creates cleaner water by reducing pollution and sewer overflows, and also improves public health, reduces local flooding and enhances drinking water supplies.  A recent article in the Christian Science Monitor provides a great overview of how cities are using these approaches to achieve clean water goals while also saving money.

Another example is Lenexa, Kansas (recently listed as one of the top places to live in the country by Money Magazine) that is using a combination of green infrastructure and traditional stormwater controls to improve clean water and recreation.

Watch how the town of Lenexa, Kansas has benefited by using green infrastructure:

Clearly, we still have a ways to go before we achieve clean and healthy rivers in all of our urban areas – but we’re making progress. Our colleagues at the Conservation Law Foundation just scored a great legal victory for Boston’s people and rivers as the local water and sewer commission must now work to clean-up polluted stormwater runoff, integrating green infrastructure approaches. We need to keep pushing forward on smart policy changes to make these approaches the norm in more of our communities.

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