Haw River Cleanup Funding in North Carolina House Budget

Saxapahaw Russels Ford | Haw River Assembly

Haw River Assembly

The Haw River [PDF] was listed as one of the Most Endangered Rivers of 2014 back in April. The leadership of the North Carolina House took the threats to heart and decided that the state had a role in implementing the approved cleanup plan for the watershed.

Representatives Tom Murry (R-Wake), Chair of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Natural and Economic Resources, and Stephen Ross (R-Alamance) were able to secure $1 million in the state’s Clean Water Management Trust Fund to support the efforts of cities like Burlington and Greensboro in cleaning up their stormwater pollution from existing development.

This funding brings the state to the table as a partner in funding the solution– though the bulk of the responsibility is still on the individual communities to cleanup their own pollution. This incentive will hopefully lead the communities in the Haw River watershed to invest in green infrastructure that will reduce stormwater pollution and provide a multitude of benefits to their community.

This funding still has some hurdles to surpass; it must be accepted by the NC Senate in the conference committee that will happen at the end of June.

Contact your Senator now to let them know that you want the Haw cleaned up!