Have You Carved Your Water Themed Pumpkin Yet?

I don’t know about you, but fall is by far my favorite season. From apple picking in the crisp air to hiking along a stretch of river soaking up the array of red, oranges and yellow trees, a perfect fall day is my idea of “having it all.” Fall is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy your local river, lake or stream.

However – my absolute favorite thing about the fall is pumpkins. I love pumpkins – pie, cookies, ravioli, beer – you name it I’ve probably tried it.

When I think back about where my pumpkin obsession started, I remember carving pumpkins in the back yard with my family. After spending the day at the apple orchard and eating my fair share of cinnamon donuts and apple cider, our final stop would be the pumpkin patch.

Once we were home, we would stencil out our design and then get to work, cutting through the shell and pulling out the pulp of the pumpkin. After we finished, we would place the pumpkins on the front porch in anticipation of Halloween and in celebration of fall.

In honor of my unhealthy addiction to pumpkins and my love for water, I thought I’d take it one step further this year when carving my pumpkin and transform an ordinary pumpkin into a water themed masterpiece – a combination of two of my favorite things.

After getting a few friends on board with me and strategically thinking how I was going to translate my passion for water on to a round object, we got to work. Two hours and a few pumpkins later, we successfully created two unique and very special pumpkins!

While I can’t say I have mastered the art form of water pumpkins, I can say I had a blast trying to illustrate my love for water onto a pumpkin.

In the spirit of sharing, I thought I’d share some river themed stencils to get you started. Even though these pumpkins will only last a couple of weeks, they will serve as a reminder for why water is so critical to our lives.

Check out these stencils of river wildlife and water

What’s your river themed pumpkin look like? Tell us here!

One Response to “Have You Carved Your Water Themed Pumpkin Yet?”

Dorie Stolley

Love this! What a fun post. I will have to try some of my own water-themed jack o’lanterns.