Fall River Cleanups are Coolest

River cleanups are often associated with spring and summer activities.  But I’m here to tell you, fall cleanup are the coolest—literally.  With cooler temperatures volunteers are more willing to stay out longer and go further.  But besides just the weather, there are plenty of reasons to host a cleanup in October and November. 

Groups are back into the swing of normal routines and therefore ready for weekend activities.  Cleanups are great for any student group that wants to earn community service hours for school. 

In most areas, vegetation is low and trash is easier to spot.  Not to mention, the decrease in poison ivy out there.  Animals that might have made trash their home, like snakes, are lethargic and are preparing for hibernation.  You won’t see many snakes in November.

Lastly, your river needs attention in the fall just as much as it does spring and summer.  With an increase in outdoor activities there is an increase in litter.  We can remove this litter before it floats down stream and harms our drinking water and wildlife.
If you start now, there is plenty of time to plan a cleanup with American Rivers’ help!  Our National River Cleanup™ program is your resource for free trash bags and all the details you need to plan your cleanup in the Organizer’s Handbook.  Please register your cleanup with American Rivers at least four weeks in advance to receive all your supplies in time. 

Hope to see you out on the river!