Extra footage from our Sandy River film

Our film about the restoration of Oregon’s Sandy River, Unexpected Things Come Together on the River, continues to receive great feedback. It was recently shown at the Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival in California.

When we were shooting this past spring, we got so much great footage that there was no way we could fit it all into a 10 minute film. So, here are some extra clips. Thanks again to all of the wonderful people who appeared in the film and helped make it happen.

Fun river stories

Larry Callister talks about his childhood, growing up on the Sandy

Deb Scrivens describes an autumn walk on the Sandy at Oxbow Park

Don Mench, Deb Scrivens and Linda Malone talk about volcanic eruptions, Lewis and Clark, and the history of the Sandy River as a sandy river

What the river restoration means for people

Mayor Linda Malone: “The river is the namesake of our city…”

Mayor Linda Malone: “It means a lot to our economy…”

Russ Plaeger: “The dam removal will help more people connect with the river…”

Russ Plaeger and Tom O’Keefe: “The Sandy is a gem in Portland’s backyard…”

Why the Sandy is special

Deb Scrivens: “This river has become part of my identity…”

Keith Jensen: “The Sandy supported our business…”

Matt Moreland: “It’s the quality of life benefits…”