Efficiency First

Last week I traveled from our DC office to Atlanta, GA for the release of our new report, “Hidden Reservoir: why water efficiency is the best solution for the Southeast.”

I attended our press conference at the Georgia State Capitol building, where Rebecca Wodder, president, and Jenny Hoffner, director of water efficiency, presented the promise of water efficiency and answered questions from reporters, amongst supporting partners.

It was a great experience to visit a regional office and see all their hard work recognized.

You should check out the report on our website and and read all about the nine policies that can uncover a new source of water supply for the Southeast.  It’s located in your homes and businesses, already available in your local communities, and it’s time for legislators and utilities to enact water efficiency policies to protect your clean water supply.

Share the report with friends and family and think about what you can do, what we all can do, to make our homes more efficient for the future of our vital drinking water and local waterways, where we like to spend time with those same friends and family.