DRBC Postpones Vote on Fracking Regulations

river pollution damaging our rivers

Nov. 21 Vote Canceled!
But we need to keep up the pressure. Tell the DRBC to base their upcoming decision on thorough science!

Yesterday, American Rivers joined with advocates across the Marcellus Shale region to ask the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) not to vote on regulations that will govern the development of natural gas in the Basin on November 21.  Thankfully the public outcry is making an impact!  Today the DRBC announced that it has cancelled the meeting on Monday, and has not announced a new date.

Voting on revised regulations without allowing the public to comment on those revisions was not a good move.  Given the record-breaking participation of the public in this matter, it is clear that the residents of the Delaware River Basin, and beyond, care deeply about the future of their water.  We can only hope that the DRBC intends to do the science that is needed to evaluate the cumulative impacts of natural gas drilling in the Basin before moving forward.

This decision comes on the heels of an announcement last night from the Governor of Delaware, Jack Markell, who stated that Delaware would not be supporting the regulations.  “The very efficacy of the Commission’s regulations depend heavily on state law or regulation, but the decision makers in each state have yet to determine whether sound science will ultimately prevail,” Markell said. “As such, this Commission is simply not able to properly evaluate these regulations based on the science at this time.”  We agree.  Thank you Governor Markell!

The Upper Delaware River was named America’s Most Endangered River™ of 2010 because American Rivers was concerned about the potential impact that natural gas drilling could have on the water supply for over 15 million people.  We are hopeful that the DRBC will reconsider conducting in-depth investigations to ensure the protection of these valuable waters before proceeding further with regulations.