Drain 8 Million Gallon Reservoir Because of Some Pee?

Pee in our drinking water? First reaction might be, “Eww!”

There has been a flurry of debate over the Portland Water Bureau’s decision to drain a drinking water supply reservoir after a man was caught urinating into it.

What do you think – was it the right thing to do? Even in infinitesimal amounts, who wants to drink pee? Or was it wrong – a waste of water?

The bigger question is, what are the real threats to our clean drinking water supplies? Random acts of urination actually rank pretty low. And honestly, is worse than animals swimming in it?

I’m more concerned about big polluters dumping chemicals and filling in small streams and wetlands…and rolling back fundamental Clean Water Act protections.

So once we get over the minor ‘eww’ factor of somebody peeing in a reservoir, let’s move on to the real issues that are impacting rivers and streams – and drinking water supplies – for millions of Americans nationwide.