How Creatively Can You Interpret Water Quality Data?


Check out the this fun animated video about Portage River water quality testing put together by the students at Eastwood Middle School.

Eastwood Middle School students put their creative thinking caps on when they put together a five minute video using GoAnimate to explain their October water quality testing results for the Portage River in Pemberville, Ohio. Their water quality testing was part of a larger effort to collect data on local creeks, streams and rivers in northwest Ohio.

The Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments has been spearheading the “Student Watershed Watch” for 24 years. Through this event, teachers and students learn what issues are impacting and polluting our waterways. Stormwater runoff from both urban areas and agricultural fields is the biggest threat here in northwest Ohio.

This year I had the pleasure of judging the students’ presentations at the summit and think back to when I was in high school collecting data for the Student Watershed Watch. I remember learning how to use a secchi disk and trying to understand what a Q-value meant. At the time I thought it was pretty cool to spend an hour outside in the Delaware Creek every day, but now I see how the experience really changed how I view rivers. Let’s support and encourage these programs as it creates our future river stewards.

The video is worth a watch. Not only do the students convey the data, but they also are able to “humanize” the Portage River. Enjoy!