Colorado Water Plan Commenting: All the cool kids (might be) doing it!

Upper Colorado River, CO | © Ken Neubecker

Upper Colorado River, CO | Ken Neubecker

What do Peyton Manning, Goldie Hawn, and Neil Young all have in common?? If they live in Colorado, they might be commenting to Governor Hickenlooper on the Colorado Water Plan. What about Todd Helton, Jon Krakauer, or South Park creator Trey Parker?? Yup, they may have commented on the Colorado Water Plan as well.

The point is – all these celebrities, big names, great athletes, creative minds – they all have JUST AS MUCH of a chance to comment on the Colorado Water Plan as you do. And you know what is even better? None of these people are hydrologists, policy professionals, or government officials – they are people, just like you and me. Some of them probably even love Colorado because of its open spaces, iconic wildlife, and flowing rivers – just like you and me.

You enjoy Colorado as much or more than these stars – so can you take 5 minutes and click on over to and let Governor Hickenlooper know that you want cities to be smart with their water, agriculture to have a sustainable future, and our state’s stunning landscapes and flowing rivers to remain free and healthy for everyone in Colorado?

That’s all you have to say. But do it soon – time is running out to make your voice heard and be included in the bucket of names with these folks that the Governor sees when considering how to manage our water into the future.

And hey, if Peyton Manning (might) do it, why wouldn’t you??

Send Gov. Hickenlooper your message.

One Response to “Colorado Water Plan Commenting: All the cool kids (might be) doing it!”

Dale Mitchener

Please start a very strong effort to raise the price of water on the front range to encourage people to zero-scape on what is classified as a High Desert. A lot of talk about how well Denver water is doing, but have yet to see a report on violations of water use. Raise the price for water taps. to curb building and raise the water fees to get their attention. Then ENFORCE THE LAW!!!