American Rivers with CNN’s The Wonder List

We are thrilled to be traversing the Colorado River Basin, filming a new episode of the travel journal, The Wonder List with CNN. Each episode focuses on people, places, cultures, or creatures facing a crossroads. Hosted by veteran journalist Bill Weir, the show was one of the most popular shows on CNN in 2015.

Over 15 days we will be traveling to new locations, interviewing both local residents and national experts about this compelling and important region.

Follow along for updates and insights from our journey.

Updates From the Field

5 Responses to “American Rivers with CNN’s The Wonder List”

nils aucante

If I don’t see Bill Weir capsizing I’ll be really disappointed in you Sinjin… Just saying…

Chris Hauck

This looks awesome! I’ll be watching and living vicariously through you Sinj. Have a great time.

Jennifer Moore

I was delighted to be able to go along on the trip up Deep Creek outside Dotsero, CO — east of Glenwood Springs at the head of Glenwood Canyon along I-70). It was magical to see not only the deep canyon water shed area, but just to go along with the American Rivers folks, and all the others!
This CNN filming will be exciting!

Robert Conlon

This is so cool Sinj! I will be following closely. Godspeed – Bob
Ps. Please get Bill Weir’s autograph for me.