Celebrating Green Streets in Maryland

Exciting news for everyone on the green infrastructure front! Our partner Green for All hosted an event in Edmonston, MD this morning (Thursday, Dec. 15th) which featured Congresswoman Donna Edwards and Nancy Stoner, EPA’s acting Assistant Administrator for Water, to celebrate the innovative green street in the town as well as highlight the report Green for All released with us on green jobs.

Congresswoman Edwards has been a proponent of green infrastructure for quite some time, in particular with her support for the Green Infrastructure for Clean Water Act, so I’m excited to get a chance not just to attend the event but speak as well.

I shared the stage with a host of other folks in Edmonston, Maryland to talk about the importance of green streets to our communities, the environment, and to jobs.

As laid out in the report “Water Works: Rebuilding Infrastructure, Creating Jobs and Greening the Environment” green infrastructure has an incredible capacity not just to clean polluted stormwater runoff, but also to create jobs.

Designers, engineers, landscape architects, not to mention folks who work in the landscaping, nursery and even the pavement industry all stand to gain jobs through more green infrastructure. All this along with clean water and healthy rivers.

It’s a win-win.