Celebrate Migratory Fish Throughout May

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On May 24, 2014, people around the world will gather to celebrate the inaugural World Fish Migration Day (WFMD). WFMD is a one-day global initiative to raise awareness on the importance migratory fish. Local events are being planned by dozens of organizations and state and federal agencies to improve the public’s understanding of the critical role that free-flowing rivers serve in promoting healthy, sustainable fish stocks.

Alewives | © International Joint Commission

© International Joint Commission

Join American Rivers on the River Blog and over on Facebook and Twitter throughout the month of May to learn more about some of the migratory fish critical to our work to restore healthy rivers. We will discuss everything from quick fun fish facts to more in-depth posts like the importance of migratory fish to freshwater mussels.

Please come along our migratory fish ride for the month of May!