Baby namesinspired by rivers

We’re experiencing a baby boom here at American Rivers, so it’s a good time for a run-down of potential river-themed baby names. Of course there’s the obvious “River” but there are also opportunities for creativity (just remember that your child has to live with this name for the rest of his/her life).  Guaranteed none of these are on most popular baby names list!

Literary types might consider Huck, Finn, Twain, and Sawyer. Or Gus and Eddy. Or Abbey, Hayduke, and Glen.

Adventurers could go with Wesley (or Powell), Lewis or Clark – and we can’t forget baby Pomp.

River conservation history buffs might choose Frank (Church) or Craig (after Montana’s Craighead brothers who dreamed up the idea of Wild and Scenic Rivers).

Anglers might like Joan, Zane, Izaak, or Drake. Or for the truly gear-obsessed – Orvis, Sage, Ross, and Winston.

There’s Tay and Tao.  Row and Rio. Wade and Ford.

You could choose from an endless list of river names, like Hudson, Tallulah, Sandy, Marias, Flint, Mackenzie, and McKenzie.

Some fluvial geomorphologist friends might want to name their kids things like Thalweg and Lotic. Not sure that’s a good idea.

And whatever you do, don’t name your kid Crooked or Snake…even though at some point, they’ll all be Dirty Devils. Or just lovable little Rogues.