Shana Udvardy

Director, Flood Management Policy

Shana works with Members of Congress, relevant government agencies, and other decision-makers to advocate for 21st Century solutions to flood control to increase natural resilience against flood disasters. Shana’s focus is on the Mississippi River basin and she coordinates her efforts with American Rivers’ field efforts in California, the Mid-Atlantic, and the Pacific Northwest.

Shana joined American Rivers in 2010. Prior to joining American Rivers, Shana worked at the Georgia Conservancy as their Water Program Manager where she advocated the establishment of a comprehensive statewide water plan for Georgia, aggressive water conservation, and enough clean water for all Georgians. She also previously worked for the Monitoring and Assessment of Biodiversity program at the Smithsonian Institution and for the Peace Corps, where she trained Nicaraguan farmers in soil and water conservation practices.

Master of Science in Conservation Ecology and Sustainable Development Program from the Odum School of Ecology at the University of Georgia, and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from the Maxwell School of Political Science at Syracuse University.

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