Kristen Pitts

Anthony A. Lapham Fellow

Kristen researches adaptation strategies which communities can utilize to strengthen their resilience to a changing climate.

Kristen joined American Rivers in 2008. Prior to that she Kristen conducted and participated in various aquatic research projects while pursuing her educational degrees. These include designing and assessing a landscape-level risk index for native fishes of the Lower Colorado River Basin, carrying out a cost-benefit analysis of eutrophication of freshwaters, analyzing the effects of dredging in the Kansas River, investigating the role of floods on distribution of prairie fishes, and examining the effects of an ultra-violet gradient on phytoplankton in alpine lakes. Kristen has also worked as a Fisheries Technician for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Kristen has an exceptional amount of volunteer experience with various conservation groups, including working with endangered leatherback sea turtles at Las Baulas National Park in Costa Rica.

B.S. in Biology (concentration in environmental studies) from University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, and M.S. in Biology (concentration in aquatic ecology) from Kansas State University

Little Colorado River


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