Chris Alford

Associate Director, California Conservation

Chris leads American Rivers’ instream flow and water supply protection efforts in California. She works on state level instream flow policy and water law issues. She also provides technical support and capacity building assistance to water rights holders, water management entities, and watershed groups; facilitating on-the-ground water transfer and instream flow enhancement projects that increase water supply reliability, improve water quality, and provide critical aquatic habitat.

Chris joined American Rivers in 2011. She is an environmental planner with a background in hydrology, lands management, and environmental law. Prior to working at American Rivers, she served as the Natural Resources Planner for Yolo County where she coordinated habitat conservation and restoration projects on both public and private lands and managed the Cache Creek Resources Management Program. Ms. Alford has worked on water and natural resources management issues in rivers and streams throughout California since 2000. She has a broad interest in addressing the physical and institutional challenges of managing surface water flows for both human and environmental uses.

M.L.A in Environmental Planning from the University of California, Berkeley
B.S. in Landscape Architecture from the University of California, Davis

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