America’s Most Endangered Rivers of 2012 – coming May 15

America’s Most Endangered Rivers

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New dams. Fracking. Water withdrawals. Pollution. You know the deal – our nation’s rivers and clean water are facing serious threats. And things could get worse with so many cuts to fundamental clean water protections proposed in Congress.

In just one month, American Rivers will release our 2012 list of America’s Most Endangered Rivers to shine a spotlight on these significant threats. It’s a list of ten rivers at a crossroads, whose fate will be determined in the coming months. And we’re going to need your help to make a difference for these rivers and their communities.

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There are a million reasons to care about healthy rivers. Maybe you want your drinking water to be safe and healthy (most of our drinking water comes from rivers). Maybe you love fishing, or maybe you’re a paddler. Maybe you’re a parent, and don’t want your kids and pets to get sick when they splash in the local stream. Or you care about wildlife. Or maybe you just think a clean, healthy river is better for your community than a polluted, dangerous one.

For 26 years, American Rivers and our partners have highlighted America’s Most Endangered Rivers to help rivers facing the most urgent threats. And by putting these rivers in the public spotlight, we’ve helped spur some great victories – like the removal of outdated dams on Washington’s Elwha and White Salmon rivers, stopping sewage pollution in Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna, and protecting Montana’s wild Flathead River from oil and gas drilling. And there are many more victories to come.

You can be a part of the effort to save America’s Most Endangered Rivers of 2012. We’re working hard with our partners to prepare for the release of this year’s report on May 15.

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