American Rivers Films Featured in Wild & Scenic Film Festival

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival kicks off this week in Nevada City, California, and six American Rivers films will be screened over the weekend. But even if you can’t make it to the festival itself, chances are you can catch the festival on tour, which will include 140 dates at locations across the country this year.

Our friends at the South Yuba River Citizens League created the festival, with the mission to “inspire people and unite communities to heal the earth.” The following American Rivers films will be featured at the festival:

  • The Important Places – the story of a father and son reconnecting with each other after many years on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon – winner of the Best Mountain Short at Banff and Most Inspirational Film at 5Point Film Fest.
  • Walt – A first-hand account of a farmer in California’s Central Valley working tirelessly to restore the San Joaquin River
  • Legacy – A legendary fly fishing guide carries out the life dream of a dying US Senator to permanently protect one of the most photographed and iconic rivers in American Rivers
  • Flint – Drift down a sleepy southern river with people connected to it the most, slipping through the swamplands and Spanish moss on its journey south through Georgia.
  • Parker’s 50 Favorite Things About Northwest Rivers – Run along with a 10-year old boy as he scampers, jumps, throws, and ponders all the amazing ways that rivers are awesome. This film was also an official selection at 5Point and MountainFilm in 2015.
  • The World Beneath The Rims – Enjoy a conversation with a trio of accomplished artists who find their deepest inspiration through the hidden and treasured springs and waterfalls that give the Grand Canyon it humble character and captivating grandeur.

American Rivers launched our creative storytelling effort to inspire river conservation last year. Why storytelling? Because people have been gathering together and telling stories since the dawn of time. Prehistoric people developed language through stories. Religions were built around the globe by passing down stories from generation to generation. River guides excel at sitting beside a flickering fire after their clients have retired to their tents to relive the adventures of the day. And there are so many amazing vehicles for storytelling surrounding us – whether through spoken tales, music, the written word, or on the big screen. Stories speak directly to our emotional spirit and engage our ability to imagine, to feel, and to be inspired. In all, these films create a broad body of work that speak to our hearts, and through these stories, inspire us to take action to protect these places for future generations.

If you are in the Nevada City area this week, come see us at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival. If you are outside central California, look for the touring festival dates coming to a screen near you.

Click here more information about the festival and the tour

The Important Places | Forest WoodwardThe Important Places | Forest Woodward

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