Grand Canyon Under Siege

Two major developments could devastate the wild nature of the Grand Canyon. A terrible threat to a national treasure.

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Saving the Colorado River with 5 Actions

Steps currently being taken to improve the situation are not up to the task of bringing the Colorado River system back into balance. We need bold and powerful measures to secure water resources for millions of Americans.

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Big Rivers Need Big Wetlands

Protecting the few remaining connections between the Mississippi River and its floodplain is a win for wildlife and a win for humans. Tell the Corps not to build the New Madrid Levee.

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Development in the Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon is a national treasure, and it is the engine of the local economy. But the world is full of sad examples of natural wonders and cultural treasures despoiled when tourism and development go too far.

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Two Big Wins for Rivers!

After long, protracted campaigns, we achieved two big victories in Georgia and South Carolina that illustrate the value of the persistence shown by American Rivers and our partners.

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The End to Pebble Mine?

14,000 full-time jobs, $1.5 billion of economic activity at risk from a risky and massive proposed mine. Protect Bristol Bay by taking action today. Tell the EPA to say NO to Pebble Mine.

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Latest Battleground for Clean Water

Groundwater is being removed at an unprecedented rate. For the health of all of our Nation’s rivers, it is crucial that the law reflect sustainable pumping and the management of surface and ground water.

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