Thank You

We want to thank YOU for all of your support.

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Holiday Gift Ideas

Our new river animal adoption items make donating to our conservation efforts easy and something you can feel good about.

Adopt River Wildlife

Dams Are Problem Creators, Not Solvers

Proposed and under construction dams around the world are less likely to solve our energy problems but more likely to bring in problems like ecological damage, flooding, methane emissions, and even water wars.

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Protecting Wild Rivers

We need rivers like the Yampa – to remind us how rivers are supposed to function, to demonstrate what is possible and to help us improve the management of other rivers in the Colorado Basin.

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The Disappearing Rio Grande

American Rivers’ president, Bob Irvin, joins part of the original National Geographic team to travel the length of the Rio Grande, to better understand the river from the Rocky Mountains to the Gulf of Mexico.

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There Isn’t Any Water Left

Colorado will need significantly more water by the year 2050. Much of this water has to come from a source that has not yet been identified. A need without a solution is a recipe for crisis.

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