NO New Dams

Two dams are being proposed for Wyoming’s Green River that would devastate fish and wildlife. Take action to oppose these new dams!

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Corporate Lobbyists vs Your Clean Water

Corporate lobbyists for factory farm interests are putting pressure on Members of Congress to block the Environmental Protection Agency efforts to restore protections under the Clean Water Act.

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A River Reborn

The removal of the Edwards Dam awakened us to the idea that rivers have a remarkable ability to heal themselves and that removing an outdated dam can bring a river—and a community—back to life.

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Dam Removal Construction Season Kicks Off

Lower water levels and an end to the spring migratory fish runs often make summer the perfect time of year to do river restoration work. Over the next five months, work will get underway at more than 16 of our dam removal and restoration sites.

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Exploring New Mexico's Gila River

The Gila historically flowed all the way from the mountains through Arizona, where it would join the Colorado to continue its journey through the Colorado Delta to the Gulf of California. Today…not so much.

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Dam Challenges By Design

Dam removal projects come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some of the challenges that need to be addressed to restore a river to its natural state.

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Teton Dam Losing its Luster

Four years after studying whether to rebuild Teton Dam, US Bureau of Reclamation concluded there are cheaper, less environmentally harmful, more socially acceptable alternatives for meeting eastern Idaho’s water needs.

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